Interesting Fact about this eagle bracelet : My dad made it for my mum when he was 19











flower 1

flower 3 flower 4 flower 5flower 6 flower 7 flower8









What I wore:

River Island Chunky Cut-out Boots

ASOS insert- mesh Dress


4 thoughts on “Flutter

  1. Love your blogs!! Was wondering if you’re planning on becoming a fashion designer in the future? How does this all come so naturally to you? I literally have no fashion sense whatsoever and it’s so frustrating!!


    1. Hi Jasmine, I’m glad you like my blog! I’m new to this and it means a lot to me !
      No , unfortunately I’m not going to be in the fashion industry nor am I going to study fashion in university. I’m more in to hospitality and it’s industry 🙂
      Well, you could say it clicks in my eyes on what’s good or not , it does come naturally but I guess it’s grown within me because my mum has always been there to “judge” my outfit and so my style is revolved and influenced by her!

      If you’re really frustrated, it’s always good to follow a few good fashion bloggers and it always starts of as inspiration and then you’ll find that you’ll have your own style 🙂 good ones to follow on Instagram are : songsofstyle, chiaraferganni, garypepper, tulavintage … I have many more , but those are just on the top of my head 🙂 follow me on instgram if you haven’t! @lauren1oh or if you want to chat more, you can always email me at Lauren.loh1@gmail.com



  2. heya lauren!! just wanted to drop by and say that your blog is absolutely amazing!! envy your good taste of fashion and your ability to pull of almost everything??!!? what uni do you want to get in and for what course?? i was quite surprised that you aren’t going to do something fashion/design related because you are so so so talented at what you do!! xx


    1. Hey Amelia!!!! I’m so glad you like it:) it’s just a hobby of mine and it’s nothing too serious at the moment! I’m so happy that you enjoy it:)

      I’m studying business&management + hospitality management in Switzerland! It’s a great course:)

      Thank you for such a nice comment! It really means a lot to me 🙂 Feel free to drop by anytime and comment and also talk to me on fb if you want 🙂


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